Shine in the love of God's grace, every day.

We strive to Bless our wider community, responding to all requests to be partners at moments of deep meaning– birth, marriage, sickness and death.

We invite all to Belong to an accepting and hope-filled community which follows Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life.

We encourage everyone to Believe that God is real, that He is the good and glad Creator of the Universe, and that He has reconciled all humanity through the saving life, death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ.

We seek to Live as God's children, empowered and guided by His Holy Spirit to perform acts of compassion, goodness, truth and mercy.

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Our Mission Statement

Holy Trinity Church, Orton Longueville

The Church of the Holy Trinity ~ Parish church for Orton Longueville, Botolph Green and Riverside
Wherever home is, there are familiar places, gathering spaces and landmarks. Holy Trinity church (in The Village) is one of those familiar places. There has been a church building on this spot for nearly 1,000 years.

You may not know it but Holy Trinity is your parish church – whether you are a Christian or not, a believer, a person of faith or a convinced atheist. It is your church simply because you live in the parish. The Ministry team's job and privilege is to be here for you – to walk alongside you, if you wish, during those joyful moments in life that call out to be celebrated – births and marriages for example. But it is also our privilege to be able stand alongside you when life is dark and bleak – when sickness, bereavement and death draw close to you.
It is the responsibly of the church family to point to a different sort of world based upon the values of truth, forgiveness mercy and compassion. We also care and care for a place of beauty for worship, prayer, reflection and meditation which all in the parish are welcome to attend.


Holy Trinity Church Building

There is mention of a church on the site in the Domesday Book of 1086 but nothing of that early church appears to remain. The existing church building dates from around 1240. Particular points of interest include a wall painting of St Christopher bearing the Christ Child, found on the north wall, and a stone altar, which was removed from the nearby Botolphbridge church in 1675.

List of Rectors and Priests

The following is believed to be an accurate list of the Rectors at Holy Trinity since 1247. The information regarding rectors and patrons comes from a hand written document on display in the church.

List of Rectors.pdf

Holy Trinity's War Memorials

Visitors to Holy Trinity cannot fail to notice the Parish war memorial, which stands close to the main entrance gate to the churchyard and which serves as a poignant reminder of those lives lost and marred by the two world wars of the last century. To learn more about the men recorded here, please click on the picture of the war memorial to the left for a link to an informative document written by Jane King.